Atlas Marketing

Atlas Media Team is here to create and deliver marketing strategies for our clients such as organised resilience, creative branding, sales collateral processes, marketing communications and customer touch points. Our research process will be key to our success as we take on board the issues our clients would like to address and the end results they wish to achieve, as we believe understanding our clients and building relationships with them us key to a successful business. Once we understand our clients’ needs, we then use a combination of research methods, technical tools and contacts to analyse what is needed in order for our clients to achieve their goals. After assessing this, we then recommend strategies which we are able to deliver with impact, efficient and accuracy. Our strengths lie within corporate branding, creative services, website design, digital communications and digital marketing. We use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as a platform to incorporate our clients’ personalised, unique marketing strategies


Here at Atlas Media we have a dedicated, qualified and hardworking team that understands different forms of marketing and will deliver a unique quality service for all our clients. Our team familiarise themselves with business plans and sales forecasts, whether it’s a business itself that needs marketing or a product or service. We also spend time with our clients to make sure we understand all aspects of their business from varied perspectives, analysing the performance of previous

sales, customer relations management (CRM), customer lifetime value (CLV), and we review current sales and marketing materials. After conducting thorough research through the use of in-house tools, we analyse the marketplace competitors. With this information, our team can establish key audience demographics and customer segmentation profiles, which lead to group meetings in which the team generates solid ideas that help our clients achieve success.